Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rob's big run!

It's always a surprise to see how fast time goes by. My brother-in-law says, "The minutes go by slow, but the years go by so fast". I have to be honest, this hasn't been a good year for marirob. When times are hard, blogging kind of takes a back seat. But I just had to share Rob's huge accomplishment from a couple of weeks ago.

You may remember from this post that Rob and I ran in a 5k/10k back in May. Rob's goal was to run the Long Beach half-marathon in October. Well, even with a couple of injuries and busy times at work, he managed to do it, and I had a blast cheering Rob, my sister Mina, and my brother-in-law Steve onto victory!

The beginning of the race.

Go Mina!

You can do it Rob!

Steve at the end of the race.

The triumphant trio after the end of the race.

Mina and Steve had awesome times (2:07 and 1:50 respectively) and Rob's goal was to run the entire race, which he did! I am so proud of the three of them - they did a great job! I know that I'll be rooting them on next year too!


rob said...

I did it in 2:41 and am proud! Slow is still across the finish line!

caitlyn said...

Congratulations to all three!

SJ said...

Yay, Rob! (And Yay, Mina and Steve, too!)

Nell said...

Congrats! That's a huge accomplishment!

mina said...

eek, are we doing it again next year too? I think we are....! Great photos!