Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day 1 - Seattle to Vancouver - Mexi Fries, anyone?

A couple of weeks ago Rob and I went on a trip to Vancouver and Vancouver Island. It's been a while since we took a vacation so we were both very excited! So... you'll notice that the theme of the trip was FOOD! We ate lots and ate well.

We flew into Sea-Tac and drove across the border to Vancouver. We had to stop in Seattle at Hole in the Wall BBQ for some delicious BBQ pork sandwiches.

We went here on our last trip to Seattle and luckily I remembered the name of the place!

My boss Jen told me once about the Mexi Fries at Taco Time so we had to stop and get some to sustain us on our drive.

The tastiest tater tots in town!

It didn't take us too long to get to Vancouver, where we checked into our B&B and took a walk to Stanley Park and our neighborhood (in the rain...)

Even the pigeons looked a little cold and damp.

Before we left, I had asked Felicia from Sweetgeorgia yarns for some restaurant recommendations. She gave us a list of super tasty places. That day just happened to be Canada's Thanksgiving, so we were a little worried if anyplace would be opened. Luckily, we went to the Foundation Eatery, a vegetarian place where they had the best nachos ever! We also had great entrees.

I thought I'd list the highlight of each day of our trip... and for this day? The nachos for both of us!


jennifer said...

mmmmm.....mexi fries....

mina said...

oh, I really want to go! love the food photos!

Mae said...

Everything looks quite lovely! I miss the West Coast!!!

Nell said...

Any day with nachos is a good day!

I hope my word verification (boore) is not indicative of my comments... Uh Oh!