Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Day 2 - Vancouver - Biking and... eating!

We were really lucky to enjoy great weather during our trip. Cool, in the 50's and 60's, and it really only rained on our travel days. The first thing we did was to grab the mountain bikes from our B&B and ride to Stanley park.

For some reason, we woefully mispacked for this trip. I forgot a hat and proper gloves, Rob forgot good hiking shoes. Luckily I remembered my newly finished Chevron scarf and it gots lots of play during this trip!

There were lots of totem poles during our trip. I love looking at them and seeing the different personalities of the animals and artists in each piece.

Hey! That's how I hold Unki!

Rob's friend Ryan told him to look out for the big sulfur piles across the water - Rob took many, many photos of them (don't ask me why!)

There were some beautiful fall colors along the ride.

Our bike ride took a couple of hours - it was just amazing to be able to get such beautiful views along the way.

Our B&B (the West End Guest House) was a great find! There were such beautiful flowers in the front yard.

Lunch took us to another of Felicia's restaurant recommendations - Finch's Tea and Coffee House. Super fresh, super tasty baguette sandwiches right near Gastown.

Yummy prosciutto sandwich.

We walked around Gastown and Chinatown - Rob swore he took a photo next to this statue from over 20 years ago!

We are such dorks! We got so excited to see posters advertising the Canadian version of our favorite summer tv show!

For dinner, we went to number 3 of Felicia's recommendations - Chambar, a belgium restaurant specializing in mussels. This was such an amazingly tasty meal - we really, really loved this restaurant!

We had to take a photo of Rob's beer so he could remember what brand it was.

I had a beet and crabapple salad - it was so delicious.

Rob had the moroccan style lamb with couscous. Again, super yummy!

Of course we had mussels, which were the best mussels I've had in a long time. They just didn't photograph well...

So, the highlight of the day for both of us? Dinner!

And they had the best frites!

Tomorrow? Do we actually get to meet the person who is made sure we ate so well? Wait and see!


Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm really hungry now...darn you and your delicious food pics.

blossom said...

sounds like so much fun!! i love all the food pictures! (when are you coming to east coast??)

Nell said...

What a great day! Does poor packing indicate that there may be a knitting store visit?

mina said...

wonderful! I want your salad, and the fries!

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