Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a travelling fool! what I've been. I went to Toronto last week to visit my good friend Anna. I didn't do many touristy things, I mainly hung out with her and her two adorable children and just followed her around. The highlights were...

- seeing Anna's son sing at his music class
- going to several of Toronto's parks
- experiencing a CRAZY thunderstorm one night
- meeting the deputy mayor of Toronto and getting a Toronto lapel pin from him!
- going to a Filipino Independence day picnic
- bouncing a super cute baby a million times

See? Isn't she cute?

The one touristy thing we did do was to take the ferry out to Centre Island, which was great fun.

I got back Sunday afternoon and then Rob had to go to Las Vegas for an overnight trip for work, so I tagged along! The highlight was that we stayed at the Bellagio with a view of the dancing fountains.

I've done a little crafting, which includes -
a pair of socks
almost finished with my chevron scarf
demolishing my first attempt at making a t-shirt with the serger

But I leave you with the cutest baby feet in our house.

Hopefully I'll craft some more next week - I have so many projects in my head I'm going to burst!


SJ said...

You picked some good cities to visit. Toronto is one of my favorites!

lori z said...

Oh, fun!

The thunderstorm you're referring to, was that the one on friday night? I was traveling between my sisters house and my parents house during that crazy storm, which is about an hour drive. we were driving 25 km/h (15mph) on the freeway and you couldn't see a thing! On sunday night, when returning to the city there was an equally as fun thunderstorm.

Let's hope there's no thunderstorms tonight, when my plane takes off!

mina said...

How fun! Makes me want to go!
Can't wait to see your new projects!

Sarah Brown Design Yarn said...

Ohhh I love the gummy smile!

Yarn Hungry Hog said...

Hello! I just would like to let you know, I was pleasantly surprised that your Unki is a Manx. I thought I made a mistake and blogsurf my own blogsite. I have a gray and white Manx with the same stump of a tail just like your Unki. My cat's name is Tom Maroon. (My son had to give the middle name since he already was named Tom when we got him at the Humane Society). Tom is at the ripe age of 14. We love him dearly.
Check my blog entry about Tom:
BTW: Toronto photos looked awesome.