Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Taking a break... cruising!

I wanted to thank everyone for the thoughtful comments you left on our last post. It's always such a comfort to hear from fellow bloggers, even when I've only met two of you! It definitely is appreciated by Rob and his family. :)

We felt like we needed a little emotional break after coming back from the east coast. So, I started researching, and a couple hours later, we were booked on a four day cruise to Cabo San Lucas! Neither of us had ever been on a cruise before, and we had a great time! It's not the... well, we'll say "classiest" way to travel, but we were thoroughly entertained by everything we saw and experienced.

The main pool and slide.

Looking down into the main atrium.

Wow! It's windy!

Relaxing next to the ocean.

Look! We won the scavenger hunt! Next stop, Amazing Race!

During our snorkeling trip in Cabo.

Our favorite part was meeting different people that you would never meet anywhere else. Our favorite people were Ted and Terese, who live in Idaho on a dairy farm. I also thought a lot about how hard it must be to work on a cruise ship. There were so many employees it was mind boggling. Rob's favorite entertainer was a guitar player that sang at the "Drama Bar". He was truly not very good. Here's a video to show you:

Rob's parents both loved to travel so I think they both would have appreciated the trip. :) So, we are refreshed and ready for summer! Rob is going to have half day Fridays at work so we're hoping to do lots of sightseeing in our own backyard.


caitlyn said...

I'm glad that you had a nice, fun break!

SJ said...

Looks like fun!

We went on a cruise last fall for our honeymoon. It was an Italian cruise line, so most of the entertainers were Italian. We got a real kick out of the guy singing, shall we say, very creative versions of the lyrics to Beatles songs!

mina said...

How fun! Great photos! As cheesy as it might have been, it makes me want to go on a cruise!
Love the cover of Time After Time, classique!

Stephanie said...

It sounds like it was a great and needed trip. You two are so cute in those pictures!

Where did you get those fabulous shoes? :)

Nell said...

Great break! But you're right cruising can be a very strange thing. My family went to Alaska and there were tons of people ignoring the gorgeous hikes and scenery opting for the "art" sale instead.

jennifer said...

i finally got a chance to watch the drama singer - eek!!