Monday, March 10, 2008

Isn't it fun when relatives visit?

My hand is still injured, so I haven't set up my craft table yet. Right now it's a riotous mess of boxes and fabric. I'm hoping that my hand will heal soon and I'll be able craft... especially when I show you what I got!

My aunt Kanchan (of takayama fame, we visited her on our trip last year) was here for a visit last week. We always love seeing her and she brought us some lovely gifts. She very thoughtfully brought me some fabric!

She also got us some tenugui, which I either use in my projects or use in the kitchen.

My cousin Miyuki not only sent me some lovely heavyweight blend fabric...

... but what might be the supplies for the most fun quilting project ever:

Pre-cut quilt squares! What a fun quilt these will make!

We had a lovely pizza lunch on the deck with her and my mom and sister.

Domo arigato Kanchan! We can't wait to visit you in Takayama again!


yaiAnn said...

Awesome presents! I hope your hand heals faster, I miss your crafts!

jen said...

precut fabric squares - and extra cute fabric too! your hand needs to get better asap!


SJ said...

What fun presents! I'm sending healing thoughts your way (or your hand's way) so that you can start using them soon!

raining sheep said...

Those pre-cut squares are awesome. I did not even know such a thing existed...I would love to try quilting but I can't see myself cutting a million squares.

Michelle said...

What great fabric prints! I'm jealous. : )

mina said...

very pretty fabrics!
tasty looking meal you had outside!