Wednesday, March 26, 2008

spring is springing!

Can you believe that it's spring? I really feel that it just snuck up on me. But, the flowers are blooming, trees are leafing, and blossoms are blossoming...

... and wonderful fruits and veggies are at the farmer's markets! One of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles is the abundance of local fruit and veggies we get year round. Today I went to the wednesday Santa Monica farmer's market (my favorite!) where I saw Tom Colicchio (I recognized his voice before I saw him) and I bought a few seasonal tasties.

The juiciest mandarins ever!

English peas, which everyone was buying. I've never bought peas, but these are so delicious raw I couldn't believe it. I decided to try to buy one new thing at the farmer's market each week.

Gaviota strawberries... which are so beyond your standard strawberries I can't even describe the taste... yummy!

And a big artichoke... make that a HUGE artichoke! Rob's friends Kieran, Alicia and Brendan came to visit us last week, and they bought two of these that we cooked up. Delicioso!

And... some crafting! Well, old crafting. A while ago, whisperine pine and I did a swap. She sent me the most wonderful silk/cotton fabric that I made into a shirt. Somehow, it got lost in my closet and I never blogged about it - here it is!

I have no statistics about the pattern, other than I remember that it was a knit top pattern that I converted to a non-stretchy top. It's a little hard to get on but once it's on it's super comfy. Thank you Blossom, for the beautiful fabric!

My wrist has gotten much better over the past two weeks, and I managed get some knitting in! The next step is to clean up our craft room / office and get some sewing in. Yay!


lori z said...

Your top is fabulous. The fabric is gorgeous!

caitlyn said...

I bet many folks will be a little envious when they read about our California spring!
The top looks fantastic! The fabric is really pretty.

blossom said...

wow the top looks so cute! i forgot about i sent that to you!! the print is perfect for the style!

the farmers market veges look delicious!

jennifer said...


SJ said...

It's a sure sign that spring is (finally!) coming when we start to get decent produce around here. Yours is making my mouth water!

I'm so glad to hear that your wrist is allowing you to get some crafting in!

MinaG said...

those are lovely photos!
I love your shirt, the fabric is dreamy!

Courtney said...

Oooohhh, Tom Colicchio, color me jealous!
The veg and fruit look beautiful! I can't wait until our farmers market opens again (in Baltimore we are only May to December)'s so fun getting fresh local food.
Beautiful top!

yaiAnn said...

Ooooh celeb citing! Fun top, you lucky girl!