Thursday, February 14, 2008

A valentine's day post not about valentine's day

A couple of weeks ago, I had a first! My first blogosphere meet-up with Lori and yai-ann. They came by the purl warehouse and then we ate and chatted at the Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa. I forgot my camera but luckily yai-ann's boyfriend remembered to take a photo for us.

It was so nice to meet them in person. Lori showed us her amazing WIP of the Rambling Rose cardigan. It's going to be beautiful when it's done!

I wish I had more crafty stuff to blog about on this crafty holiday (don't ask me why, I always think of it that way!) but there are two big reasons why I don't have crafty things to give to loved ones.

I fell on Super Tuesday (on my way to vote!) and hurt my LEFT wrist. So now I have one very painful wrist and one less-slightly painful wrist that is doing it's best to compensate. This happened to happen right before the weekend we moved into our new place! Rob was a super trooper and packed pretty much everything, and with the help of my brother-in-law Steve, they got us moved!

We're renting a house from some friends of ours, and one of the most amazing things about this place is the landscaping. Look at the view from the deck!

There are a ton of little plants around that make me smile.

There are some trees in the front yard, does anyone recognize the fruit?

My favorite part is all of the bamboo, which sounds great in the wind.

We're planning to do some crafty improvements to the house, namely curtains and cushions. Darn it wrists, get better soon! I gotta sew!


Agnes said...

AT first glance, I thought that was Lai-chi ... the chinese fruit, but it was not, right?
Wish your wrist a speedy recovery.

yaiAnn said...

Is that lychee? Anyways, I hope you're feeling much better! I want to see the teepee and the hot tub!!

SJ said...

Ouch, sorry to hear about the wrist injury! Rest up and make sure Rob does all the heavy lifting for a while!

mina said...

It looks like a heart-shaped raspberry, but the stem shows that it isn't... the only lychee I've seen is from a can. Great photos of the plants in the garden!
I hope your wrist is feeling better!


Looks like yama momo (Myrica Rubra) to me... sorry about your wrist, get well soon!

Elena said...

That fruit looks absolutely delicious ... but I have no idea what it is?

Anonymous said...

Could it be Rambutan?

goosefairy said...

oh my. take care of that wrist. you don't want to start using it too soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. Looks like an Irish strawberry (arbutus unedo). the flesh inside would be yellow when ripe. We had one in our front garden when I was a kid. from Hilary in Australia.

Ulli said...

it is indeed a "arbutus" fruit, also known as strawberry tree. there are a couple different kinds. the " "unedo" likes to grow like a huge bush or multi trunked tree and blooms white, while the more rare "marina" grows in tree form up to 40" high and the bloom is a soft pink. either way the fruit is edible but rather bland.
it looks like you have a lovely garden, enjoy