Friday, May 11, 2007

One day until Japan!

The past two weeks have gone by super quick. None of us can believe that we leave for Japan tomorrow! Yippee! Today I worked on two of the most important parts of a trip: 1. washing laundry 2. picking out my trip knitting project.

Since we'll be on the plane for 11 hours, knitting is a MUST. I could do at least one sock in that time, but I thought I'd mix it up this time and jump on the chevron scarf bandwagon. I tried knitting this a couple of years ago, but couldn't find the find combination of yarns. I have two options that I'm deciding between.

Sunshine yarns "Into the Mystic" and some Koigu or

Sundara Yarn's current Petals Collection selection (dahlia) and the same Koigu.
I probably won't make a decision until tomorrow morning. I also have some more sock yarn... just in case.

The two things I miss the most while travelling are Maggie and Unki! But, as usual, they have no idea that Rob and I will be gone for the next three weeks.

Maggie's thinking, "Just been fed, laying in the sun... life is good..."

Where Unki is doing his best sphinx imitation - a rare moment when he's not moving.

We'll try to blog while on the trip, so I hope everyone enjoys the tales of our journey. I can promise you plenty of photos of me (since I will be the only one camera-less) and of food. Lots and lots and lots of food.


yumi said...

Have tons of fun! I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures of food, family, sights, and food.

MinaG said...

Have a great trip!!! Can't wait to hear all the details!

blossom said...

have fun, mari!! sorry i did not get back with you regarding fabric/yarn, cos i believe i'd love whatever you picked out. just have loads of fun and take pictures to share when you get back!

SJ said...

Have a great time on your trip!

Agnes said...

Japan! Jealous jealous me! Have a good time there for me! hehehe ...

iSeL said...

Have lots of fun. Japan is the next play hubby and I want to travel to. Ha!
Cannot wait to see the pictures.