Friday, May 04, 2007

Bags! Bags! Bags!

After coming home from Coachella, it was hard to change gears and get my mind focused on our trip to Japan. We leave a week from tomorrow! Although the broad strokes of the trip are planned, there's still lots of little things to take care of. So, what do I do? Make bags!

I admit, I made this bag a couple of weeks ago. It's made from this pattern.

The fabric is a Kokka fabric I had left over from making a pillow. This bag is comfy and easy to carry, the lining and handles are made from canvas.

I also made another monk's bag.

(Can you spot Unki?)

I know I promised a monk bag tutorial, but while I was making this bag, which from much thicker fabric, I had some problems on the inside corners (where the handles meet the bag). I need to think about a solution for it before I post the pattern. The bird fabric is from Kristen Doran, Mollybirds. I absolutely adore her fabric and I love using in in projects that feature the beautiful patterns. This will be my Japan purse because I prefer shoulder bags while walking around.

Another thing I needed for the trip was a carry-on tote bag. I thought Lotta's tote from her book was the perfect pattern.

So, using fabric that I got from Kirin & Co., I made a very sturdy tote bag.

I think I made it a little too sturdy - I had a hard time doing the final topstitch. I used some interfacing that I think is Timtex, I really should have used disdressed's method of using it but I found it after I finished the tote.

I have a couple of other projects I'd like to finish before the trip. Stay tuned!


Carol said...

beautiful bags! i especially love the bird bag, so lovely. have a wonderful trip!

yumi said...

Those bags turned out great!!! I love the bird monk bag.

Kate said...

love your sewing!
I have been eyeing that tote from the book but haven't tried it yet. :)

earthchick said...

Oh, the cuteness! Love all your bags.

shannon said...

Wow! beautiful bags, beautiful fabrics.

iSeL said...

I want them all!! I wish a could freaking saw and have such great taste. Beautiful, all of them.

Oh, and Japan? I am so jealous!

Erin said...

Um...did you really make 4 bags this week!? You are superwoman--I am very impressed. Haveh great time in Japan!

MinaG said...

I love all three bags, especially the tote, that's definitely my size bag!

yaiAnn said...

OMG.. you've done it again. So cute!