Wednesday, April 11, 2007

in the Mood for Vain Pizza

Sometimes, there are just things that are so great or so weird a special post is in order.


For fellow fans of Project Runway, Mood Fabrics is where the designers go to shop for their challenges. I've always been fascinated with those bolts of fabric going all the way up to the ceiling. If only I lived in Manhattan and and have Tim Gunn as my mentor!

Well, Angelenos are in luck. My friend Huay told me that she thought there was a Mood Fabrics on Pico and La Cienega. I went exploring yesterday, and yes, there is! It's definitely a neat place to browse - I didn't buy anything, but the workers were very nice and helped me look at some fabrics. Which I did need help, because those bolts are heavy! All I took out of there was this:

I had to have something from there - a business card is something!

They've only been there 4 weeks so they are still putting up signs. I did look at the cotton prints because I felt that was where I could be most discerning. The prices were from $8-$16 a yard and there were some very lovely fabrics. Next time I go I'll bring a camera and have more info about prices, types of fabrics, etc. Very exciting!


My cooking and baking guru is yaiAnn - if she gives it her seal of approval, I'm off to the market! The other day, she posted about some homemade pizza she made, and I had to try it. Rob was a little worried that the pizza dough wouldn't come out, but it tasted delicious!

Our first pizza (which I sloppily shaped) was a margherita with fresh mozzarella and basil.

Rob took over construction of the next pizza, which was his favorite - homemade meatball and mushroom pizza with mozzarella and parmesan.

Finally, the winner of "prettiest pizza" and my favorite, fresh tomato, mushroom and fresh mozzarella.

The crust was nice and bready and I couldn't believe how great it tasted. I'm inviting some girlfriends over for dinner on Friday night and we're having a pizza making party. I really recommend this recipe - it's so easy and very satisfying.


Does anyone out there have a cat that likes to look in the mirror? We do! Unki has done it again. Not only does he play fetch, lay in weird positions, and try to get into every photo, he's become obsessed with looking at himself in the mirror. For the past two weeks, we've caught him looking in the bathroom mirror every chance he gets.

First, he makes sure he's looking good.

If he's not, he'll clean himself.

Then he'll scratch the mirror, just to make sure his reflection's not another cat.

If all is well, he'll settle down and make faces.

The funny part is when he sees Maggie in the mirror. He gets so excited, then jumps down and then goes BEHIND the mirror to find her. Of course, he can't find her, gets back on the counter, sees her again, gets excited, jumps down, goes behind the mirror, can't find her... on and on. I'll try to get video of that someday - luckily Unki's a cat and can't complain to his therapist how his parents used to make so much fun of him!


yumi said...

I'll have to check out Mood Fabrics one day and to make that pizza. It looks yummy.

SJ said...

Okay, even though I just ate lunch, that pizza is making my stomach growl!

yaiAnn said...

Yuuuum! I'm craving pizza again! Okay, Mood must go on our "places to shop" list when I ever get back down to LA again.

goodkarma said...

You are making me very, very hungry.

lupinbunny said...

i'm glad you linked to that pizza dough. my boy has a special fondness for making dough (!) and that one looks easy and really, really good.
so far we haven't tried a pizza dough with yeast, and his other attempts to make rolls with yeast leave me thinking we need a PROFESSIONAL recipe (shhh, don't tell him i said that...)

Anonymous said...

you know one way that scientists who study animal behaviour measure an animal's intelligence is how they react in the presence of a mirror. most animals acknowledge it on their first encounter but afterwards, they don't pay attention.

most primates interact with their mirror images as humans do. and actually tries to reach behind it. it's surprising to see a cat do this. he must be a very smart cat!