Monday, April 09, 2007

What?!? I've been knitting?!?!

Thank you for all of your comments on the last post - I was really interested to hear what people's thoughts were on what constituted plagiarism and what did not. I wasn't too worried about my projects, since they were all for ME!

Which brings me to another question. Do any of your non-crafty friends ask you if you are ever going to sell your stuff? I get asked that every so often, and my immediate reaction is "No way!" for several reasons. My level of execution isn't that great, the time involved is hard to quantify, I'm afraid that I'll lose the joy of crafting once money is involved, and that ever-so-difficult subject of plagiarism. Most of the techniques or ideas I have come from other people or projects. I'm so paranoid about profiting from others' ideas that I don't even want to get near there. So I'm content to knit and sew for me and a few others. Hey, all of the projects I see in blogland are so amazing that a price can't be put on them, right? :)

I have been knitting on and off the past couple of months. Mainly while watching TV or when I'm tired of sewing.

Pattern - Shibui Knits Swirl Scarf
Yarn - Habu Textile Cashmere Lace Weight from Pure Knits, color lac

The perfect relaxing project for tired hands. The yarn is so soft and lovely to knit with. The scarf is just one big ruffle, but it's still pretty. I didn't feel like modeling it, so Freddy offered.

He's fancy!

Some secret sewing has taken place that I can't show. Rob is worried that the recipients read the blog, so I'll wait until the gifting has occurred to debut the items. Which might be a couple of months, but I think they'll be worth the wait. I've done some sewing of my own, some more potholders from the Lotta Jansdotter book.

These are tissue packet holders for our trip to Japan for Huay, my mom and me. They are a must have because some public restrooms do not have paper towels to wipe your hands on. I thought they'd be a nice pre-trip present for us.

Although we leave in about a month for Japan, it still feels unreal. I'm worried that I'll forget something really important while I make tissue holders and giggle at Rob's struggle with polite Japanese. Of course, he can remember all the words that can't be said publicly perfectly!


Erin said... much to comment on this post. The scarf is very fun--I love how light and airy it is. The potholders make me want to attempt sewing. And the tissue holders are a perfect treat for your trip. Japan is very fun--I hope you have a great time.

SJ said...

The scarf looks great, first of all -- I bet it's super-luxurious on.

As to the whole making-money-for-knitting thing, I am completely in agreement with you. I've only once accepted money for knitting, from a work colleague who paid me to knit her a sweater (she bought the yarn and the pattern). I was so worried it was going to suck that I put it off for months, and even when it turned out okay I felt really weird accepting money.

yumi said...

Freddy looks hip! And the tissue holders, great idea. I'm sure they'll love them.

yaiAnn said...

So cute, all of it. I just got that book and I'm so inspired to make EVERYTHING!