Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sewing for the home

I finished a quick project on Friday to help get me started on my home sewing projects. My plan is to make some pillows for the living room and bedroom, as well as a quilt for those cold nights on the couch.

A table runner made out of Echino fabric from Backed with canvas, it was the easiest project I've ever done.

I also finshed the quilt top for the aforementioned quilt for the living room. Here's a glimpse of it:

This weekend I've been getting the knitting bug again... I want to cast on for a sweater but I have a drawer full of UFO's that I really should get to.

Unki and Maggie are happy that I finished their kitty pies two years ago... because they get to use them everyday!


robbie said...

The table runner was a surprise when I came home from work. I am so happy that our apartment is really becoming a home with all of the beautiful objects you are making. I am so proud of you! Best photo of Maggie and Unki ever.


yaiAnn said...

That fabric makes an awesome table runner. And your quilt sneak peak is killing me! I want to see the WHOLE thing! I guess that's what I get for making you hungry in the morning.. hee hee.

Brenda said...

Beautiful table runner! I am looking forward to seeing the whole quilt.

Your cats are very cute!

Agnes said...

I didn't grow up with the culture of table runner ... but I think it does add some colours and spirits to the house.
Yeah ... try a little bit harder to finish the UFOs ... you'll find that it is highly satisfactory when they turn into FOs. And I LOVE your cats!

shizzknits said...

Great table runner. It's a cool way to use fabric you love, too. You've inspired me! (And thanks for the kind comments on my blog about the pencil case).

yumi said...

I love what you've done.

Rebecca said...

such a lovely runner and quilt, too. i love your use of color.

Shannon Ward said...

I love that table runner, I've been eyeing that fabric for a while. What a great idea!