Monday, March 05, 2007

Coriander dress

Do you ever get possessed by the urge to Create! Something! Now!? That happened to me on Thursday. Wednesday I was browsing the web, just wandering around, when I saw this dress on Amy Butler's site. I don't know what exactly struck me about the dress, but I felt I needed to make it right away. However, trying to be the somewhat budget-crafter, I decided to use fabric I already had, which was the pine coriander fabric from Amy Butler's Belle line, and a Built by Wendy pattern.

This is one of the new Built by Wendy patterns this spring. I wasn't sure if it was the right pattern to use, but I decided to alter the blue dress to meet my needs.

I shortened the sleeves, added binding around them, added some front darts, and presto! the coriander dress was finished.

I am very happy with the results! I made the size 8, which fit exactly as I had hoped, not too tight and not too loose. The hardest part was the collar, which is when I realized that I have trouble sewing curves. That is something that I will have to practice some more. I do feel that this is a great versatile pattern. It doesn't really look like the original, and I could see this in a nicer fabric for a more formal look.

With the alterations and the fabric, the dress is reminds me of a cheongsam. However, I wore it yesterday to my niece's birthday with just a slight addition of wardrobe.

Just like the model in the original Amy Butler dress, I chose to wear rolled up jeans. I'm not ladylike enough to manage to wear a dress all day!


yumi said...

The dress turned out very nice. And I think I like it with rolled up jeans look...very hip.

MinaG said...

That turned out so cute, I love the pattern of the fabric, and the style of the dress!

lsaspacey said...

Awesome job! I wish I had time to start sewing again. I already have four projects waiting for me.

grumperina said...

So cute! Love it with jeans!

Anonymous said...

love it!! it looks super-cute in that fabric.

i actually bought that same pattern a few weeks ago and envisioned making the same changes you did--shorter sleeves, no pockets. i'm still on a quest for the right fabric, though. did it take you a while to make it?

blossom said...

i love your dress! so different and so incredibly cute. love the jeans.

Diana said...

I love your version of this dress! I have the pattern too, but haven't done anything with it yet. It looks great in that fabric and with jeans!

Lynette said...

i love that style! great job on the dress.

lori said...

so cute! I'm loving the print you use too!

I made the shirt from that pattern this past weekend...and I added the darts in the back. I've worn it many times already (and its only tuesday) so I will probably make another shirt from the same pattern.

Agnes said...

That's a lovely fabric pattern!

robbie said...

Can't believe I forgot to comment. Your dress is so cool, it looked great last weekend on our trip to the desert! LUHB

yaiAnn said...

That's exactly how I would wear it, with jeans! But I did get that create sometihng now! moment last week and made the short sleeve top version, except, I haven't finished it.. hee hee. Your's is WAY too cute.

SJ said...

What an adorable dress! I'm so impressed by your sewing skills. I can fix a hem or sew on a button, but if I even attempted an actual garment it would like like ... well, you know.

By the way, you're totally rocking the jeans-with-a-cute-dress look.

Siobhan said...

Looks great! I love the fabric, and the changes you made to the pattern.

Holly said...

Its beautiful!!! I only wish I was this talented! I like sewing, but I'm JUST starting out on the clothing part! :)

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