Thursday, March 01, 2007

What to post when the camera's broken?

Thank you for all of the nice comments on the Unki Paw Quilt! I daresay Unki's face has gotten slightly fatter with pride. I haven't started my next project yet, but mind is racing with lots of ideas. Hopefully, by the time our camera comes back, I'll have plenty to blog about... meanwhile...

Yai-ann asked:
Have you already planned your next quilt?

Why yes, I have! And I just happened to take a picture of my planning notes/sketches.

Those aren't the colors I'm using, I'm just trying to plan it out beforehand. I hope it comes out the way I'm envisioning.

I also happened to take pictures of one of my new Japanese craft books.

Jibun de tsukuru bag
I have to admit that I can't read the entire title of the book - it roughly means "Re-purposed bags you can make yourself"

This is a book that I bought for inspiration. I might make a couple of them from the pattern, but this book has given me ideas of how to use color and fabric in a different way than I usually do. I'll just post the photos and let you decide if you like it.

(Are there Dunkin Donuts in Japan? I have no idea!)


yumi said...

Was it a Dunkin Donuts or Mr. Donuts over in Zushi by Obachan's house...? Good luck on the next project. Can't wait to see it.

JJ said...

I think there must be. There are Dunkin Donuts all over Korea.

yaiAnn said...

ack! I love that book! I know there is Dunkin' Donuts in Thailand! ;)

Susanne said...

Yes there are Dunkin'Donuts in Japan. I used to take my 2 grandsons there all the time, when they were posted in Osaka!

Lily said...

Dunkin'Donuts had been in Japan during 1970-1998, but they have already withdrawn from Japanese market except for a US military base. I miss their donuts.