Sunday, April 23, 2006

Returning to the world of the living

I finally finished student teaching on Friday. Yippee! It was so much fun but I was super busy through the entire 12 weeks. Now I just have to write four more papers and I'm done with school. Now, just to find a job...

I had some time to finish knitting too.

Yarn - Sundara Worsted Merino in Smattered, 1 and 3/4 skeins
Pattern - Magknits Short Row Rib Scarf, size 8 needles (5.0 mm)

Love, love, love this scarf! The yarn went perfectly with the pattern. As I've said before, the yarn is great to work with. Sproingy (is that a word?), soft, and the colors are fantastic.

It's hard to get the details but the colors just blend right into one another. I think this is a great pattern if you want to avoid pooling. I modified the pattern by making it garter stitch versus rib stitch. Other than that, I didn't make any changes.

My feet were happy too because I finished my

Yarn - Sundara Sock Yarn in Acid Daffodil, 2 skeins
Pattern - My own, 60-stitch 2x2 ribbed sock, size 1 needles

The skeins were almost identical, one had more green and the other more orange. The pooling almost matched on the second sock so I ended up with faux stripes on both socks. The socks are so soft. The only issue I have (and it's my fault, not the yarn) is that they are a little loose. I've realized that my small feet will be my downfall if I make any socks that aren't stockinette or ribbed.

I've also joined a knitalong.

The knitalong is here, and there are plenty of people who are making this nice little sweater. I've decided to use some yarn I had in the stash, and although I don't really like the color (so why did I buy it?) I've started on the pattern.

Hopefully, I'll have a chance to clean the apartment, start on my Sew? I knit! bag, finish my papers, and find a teaching position in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!


goodkarma said...

Oooooh! Such pretty items! I must insist that you try Sundara's Silky Wool soon. I haven't yet, myself, but I got to see/touch the yarn at her place and it's magnificent. Her friend had just finished a cute little top with Silky Wool that I got to see, too, and it knits up wonderfully.

Congratulations on finishing student teaching!! I hope the job market for teachers is better there than it is in Seattle. You're going to be an amazing teacher! xoxo

Agnes said...

I like your scarf too! I think I have yarns for one myself ... worth thinking.
I'd love to have smaller foot ... many shoes look cute in the smaller sizes!
Congratulations on finishing the student teaching ... wish you speedy work on the papers and good luck with the search for job. Take care.

grumperina said...

Oh, I love your knits - the scarf, and the socks, both adorable! I know Purly is going to love seeing these done, and you happy with the results!

Angela said...

Good luck with the job hunt! Your FO's look great! It's a Purly showcase.

Purly Whites said...

Oh! Everything looks so fabulous! I absolutely love the patterns you choose for the Sundara Yarn! Very exciting! Can I save the photos to my own server and post them in my Sundara Yarn Knits gallery??

Congratulations on finishing your student teaching! Good luck getting the papers finished and finding a job. I bet you will find one quickly!

yumi said...

yea!!! Congratulations on finishing student teaching. I like the scarf. I can't wait to see the sweater.

MinaG said...

I like the edging around the scarf, nice and clean! The colors are lovely!

Whitney said...

Good luck with the job hunt. I just graduated and have been doing the same thing myself :) Your GG looks so good!!