Friday, April 28, 2006

Green Gable, pre-blocked

I've had a week of writing papers, sleepless nights, and... knitting!

Here's a sad blurry picture of my Green Gable sweater, all wrinkly. I'm blocking it right now and hopefully I'll have modeled photos early next week.

Yesterday Rob and I went with two of his co-workers to the Nomadic Museum and saw the Ashes and Snow exhibit. All of the photos had animals and people posing together. It's not only photographs, there are three videos you can watch, the longest was around an hour. The building is interesting to see too and definitely set the stage perfectly for the art. It was a beautiful exhibit - I highly recommend going!

Tomorrow Rob and I are heading to the desert (fourth time in 4 months!) to go to the Coachella music festival. We're only going on Saturday (it's two days). We'll probably be hot and tired when it's all done, but we're excited!

Have a nice weekend everybody!


Monica said...

I just read about Coachella in the paper today. It looks like a fun time. Are you going to the Madonna stage?

Angela said...

Have fun at Coachella! I've always wanted to go and never had the chance.

goodkarma said...

Do you know Superstarra Christie? She's going to Coachella, too! I adore the picture of the boy and the elephant, thanks for sharing. And thanks for the Green Gables tease! :)