Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Messenger Purse - Take Two!

I made another "test" bag in anticipation of making Rob's bag.

I made a much smaller bag (8" x 10" versus 9.5" x 14") so it' s more of a purse. I also constructed it differently, with the front, half the sides and half the bottom making up one piece and the back and the other halves making up the other piece. The advantage to this method is that my corners were much easier to form. The downside was that I couldn't sew in thick interfacing without the seams showing... so I didn't add any.

I also put in a magnetic snap, which was scary for me. How do you know where to place it??? It's the first thing to install, before sewing a thing. I think it is a little too low, but it's working, which is all that matters. The lining is some more Amy Butler fabric.

I meant to put my favorite Ipod pocket on the front but I got sloppy and accidently put it on the back piece. Oh well! All I could hear was Tim Gunn's voice in my head (any Project Runway fans out there?) saying, "Make it work!" So I'll tell everyone I meant to put it on the back.

The inside, with the same pen/cell phone pocket and zippered pocket I put into my messenger bag.

It holds its shape pretty well when hanging.

I'm really starting to learn a lot about sewing and my machine with each project. My ultimate goal is to make some article of clothing.

Rob and I are leaving for a little vacation on the East Coast tomorrow night. I hope to visit a couple of yarn stores in Manhattan when we're there. I probably won't post until next week - have a good week!!


Angela said...

Looks awesome! I have another bag or two lined up in the cue. But I may pick your brain on the bag construction. I'd love to sew a garment sometime this year too. Maybe we can have a sew-a-long and chat about Project Runway! Have fun in New York and don't forget to have a cupcake! =)

yumi said...

I like the bag. Have a fun and safe trip.

robtk said...

this bag is so cool. i love it. i can't wait until you make a bag for me. if it is even 1/100 as cool, it will be the coolest.
"She's crafty - and she's just my type"
She's crafty - and I love my wife....
She's crafty!!!!

Jenifer said...

Nice job on the bag! You should join our tote-along and post about it there!: http://tote-along.blogspot.com/ Take care!

amber said...

It looks great!

And please tell about the manhattan yarn shops... I'll be there in March and would love the info :)

Stefanie said...

Your bag looks awesome! Did you create that pattern yourself, or did you use a pre-made pattern? I love project runway! who do you think will be in the top three?

my email address is stefanie_lavey@hotmail.com