Monday, January 09, 2006

Luxury Tweed T-shirt Sweater

Yay! My first completed sweater of 2006!

I took these photos myself with the tripod - please excuse the wonky angle.
Pattern - Modified Essential Indulgence from Fall 2005 IK, also inspired by the Ella Rae T-shirt sweater
Yarn - 4 balls of Jaeger Luxury Tweed in Fern, size 6 (4.0 mm) needles

I'm sure you've seen this sweater floating around the internet.

I realized that towards the end of the year, when it was getting cold, I was wearing a bunch of sweaters with collared shirts underneath. I wanted to make a sweater that was a very simple shape but with a nice yarn. Luxury Tweed seemed to fit the bill.

So I took the pattern for Essential Indulgence (which is a simple boatneck sweater with exposed seams), used the neck and sleeve cap shaping and modified almost everything else.

I added a small hem at the bottom and on the sleeves.

The sleeves bell out slightly, a detail I kept from the original pattern.

I have to admit that I got really tired of knitting this sweater. Part of it was the yarn. Even though I liked knitting with it at first, it got to be a little monotonous. I didn't have this problem with my Union Square Market Pullover, which was even a smaller gauge. Luxury Tweed is also pretty scratchy. So I'll probably wear it more like this:

But hopefully I'll remember to iron my shirts first!

I do like this sweater lots. One thing I did add that I'm thrilled with??? Negative ease! After reading Purly White's entry about one of her sweaters, I put in three inches of negative ease into this sweater. Although the photos don't do my new curves justice, Rob noticed it right off.

I have been working on a new sweater - Jemima from Amelia Raitte. More details as I move along!


Jenifer said...

Nice job! I think it looks great and I love the concept of negative ease! (So that's why my sweaters always seem too big!) It reminds me of an hourglass, a little bit. (I'm making one now and the st st is becoming a challenge to get through as well.)

Angela said...

Lovely! I love the color although it doesn't really look very "Fern" like, but I'm sure it's just the lighting. Great job!

Lynette said...

i love the way your sweater turned out! again, great job! also i went over to Purly White to read about negative ease. i think i'll try it. ;)

grumperina said...

Congratulations on a lovely sweater - looks wonderful on you!

yumi said...

I like the color on you.

eastern white said...

gorgeous sweater. simply yet luxurious. hope you get to wear a lot this winter!!

Monica said...

Looks great with or without the shirt underneath. Great job!

Carin said...

Your sweater is beautiful, it looks like a very expensive department store sweater. I love that color, too.

Purly Whites said...

Yay for negative ease! It really fits you well and you did a lovely job.

shizzknits said...

Oooo Sweater looks Nice! I like it with the shirt underneath.

amber said...

You inspire me to actually finish my 18 projects on needles... Hopefully they will turn out nearly as well as yours :)

Great sweater and thanks for the negative ease tip. Good to know.