Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How many knitted items can I wear at once?

As I was mentally running through my sweaters yesterday, trying to figure out which ones to bring to the East Coast, I wondered, "How many knitted items could I wear at one time?"

Hat - I have two that I made recently.
Scarf - Again, one that I just made a couple of weeks ago.
Sweater - Of course I have sweaters!
Socks - How can I travel without at least one pair of socks?

But that's all I have, besides bags. So I whipped out some yarn and needles and finished these this morning.

Pattern - Last Minute Knitted Gifts Handwarmers, 2x2 rib instead of the pattern
Yarn - Handspun Yarn from the Sweet Shop

Perfect! Quick, fun project. This is the same yarn I used to make this hat. The yarn is so so so wonderful to knit with. I love the fact that the yarn created two related but different handwarmers. I made these top down because I only had a small skein of yarn left.

So the answer is I could wear five things at one time... if I don't double up. Of course, I checked the weather for New York. 56 degrees tomorrow? Sure beats the 11 degrees it was when we did our quick trip last year. Will there be a day cold enough in either New York or DC for me to wear all five items? Tune in and see!


Purly Whites said...

hee hee, 5 items. That is awesome.

Angela said...

Does five count each side of the sock separately or did I miss an item somewhere? Wait, DUH, your recent FO. You know you could make that six and knit a nosewarmer ;) Have fun!

yumi said...

I could use a pair of those for work, easy to type with fingers showing.

MinaG said...

I love your recent projects! Let me know how your trip went!