Monday, January 24, 2005

Escape from New York!

We flew to New York on Wednesday night for Rob's dad's 70th birthday. Our plan was to come back Sunday at 4 pm. Unfortunately, the storm made us change our plans very quickly. Here's a timeline - (all times are PST)

Wednesday 8:00 pm - We eat ice cream at Long Beach airport. It was a hot day.

Wednesday 11:00 pm - Rob laughs loudly at the Daily Show. He disturbs our seat mate.

Thursday 2:45 am - We land at JFK. It is 11 degrees. We are very cold.

Thursday 3:45 am - We go to sleep.

Thursday 10:00 am - We (including Olaf) go to eat German food. It is still very cold.

Thursday 4:00 pm - Mari knits a hat for Rob. It is too big.

Thursday 7:00 pm - Mari knits a second hat for Rob. It is just right.

Thursday 9:00 pm - We go to sleep again.

Friday 6:00 am - We wake up and decide not to go to Manhattan. The forecast is for 11 degrees. We decide to see a movie instead.

Friday 7:30 am - We have Starbuck's Chantico... rich and yummy, wearing our hats.

Friday 8:30 am - We eat pizza. It is very good.

Friday 9:30 am - We see a helicopter airlift a patient from the movie theater parking lot. Hmmm...

Friday 3:00 pm - Rob cooks dinner for us. It is also very good.

Friday 7:00 pm - Sue calls us to say the Mickelsons are turning back because of the storm.

Friday 7:05 pm - Mari decides to call the airline to go home early.

Friday 7:10 pm - We book a flight that leaves at 7:05 in the morning EAST COAST TIME.

Friday 9:00 pm - We finally fall asleep.

Saturday 12:30 am - We wake up.

Saturday 4:05 am - Our flight leaves. We cannot fall asleep on the flight.

Saturday 10:00 am - We land in Long Beach.

All day Saturday - We are zombies.

Lessons learned:

1. Check the weather.
2. Pack slippers for the cold.
3. Always fly Jet Blue (they changed our flight with no fee)

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mina said...

what an insane timeline! glad you made it back...