Sunday, January 30, 2005

Two Finished Sweaters

I managed to finish up two sweaters I had been working on the past month. Yay! We went down to Venice Beach to take photos because yesterday was gorgeous! There's nothing like L.A. the day after it rains.

First is Macey, a pattern from Rowan 31:

I used Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool in wisteria and oxford heather grey. I really like this sweater. It fits just right and is nice and warm. It's the one I've worn the most since I've made it. It has a weird construction - you knit the waistband as one piece and pick up stitches from it for the front and back. But it was fun and rewarding. I even hand sewed the zipper in!

Next is.... the hourglass sweater! There is a knitalong, where you can read my thoughts on the sweater. But here are a couple of photos:

Rob says this is his favorite sweater. I like it too!


Kelly said...

I LOVE your Hourglass! It looks awesome! I'm glad the KAL is working out. From what I had heard from other people's issues with the pattern, a KAL seemed very necessary. :-) Although I haven't made much progress on my sweater, now I have access to some good advice when I get to the tricky parts. Thanks for participating. (Where in L.A. are you? I'm in Ventura County.)

Jessica / Fig & Plum said...

yay! congratulations - the sweater looks lovely! (as does the beach! the beach in NYC isn't so nice this time of year). if you get the chance, can you post a pic that shows the neckline of your sweater?

mina said...

I want one! :)

xmasberry said...

hi Mari!

i blocked my sweater by rinsing it with eucalan (sp?), and then rinsing it again. then i squeezed the water out gently and placed it out flat on a towel and rolled that up and squueezed out more water. then i placed it on a new towel and put it in the dimensions of the pattern. i was careful to fold it together when i transfered it from one location to another so that it didn't stretch. mine loosened up a bit when i rinsed it, so if yours fits as you like it i would be extra careful when moving it so that it doesn't stretch. it really is a lot softer now than when i finished knitting it. hope that is what you were asking about!