Thursday, August 04, 2005

When your eyes are faster than your hands

I try hard not to have too many projects going on at once. But I've slipped into having five, yes, five projects going on at once. Three of them are sweaters, two of them are socks.

First off, is my trip project.

For all of you who recognized this as Orangina, good for you! I'm a bandwagon sort of gal. Once I see a project that other people have knitted and it looks so pretty, I can't help but covet it. I'm knitting this in Rowan 4-ply cotton in Flirty. Diana mentioned that the yarn doesn't split at all. She is so right; it's soft, doesn't split and is very easy to knit with. However, this is a very, very slow knit for me. It's my first time knitting lace and I mess up almost on every row. Especially during Stitch-n-Pitch.

My mom wanted purple socks so I started knitting her some. But they aren't just purple...

I couldn't help it - I took one of Nona's internet tricks and used it. I feel like a real blogger now! I'll give more details on these socks when I finish them.

I know I said I was going to knit my dad some birthday socks on the trip, but when I reminded him that his birthday was coming up (his birthday was last Friday) he mentioned that he should really celebrate his birthday on August 28th, because that's what his driver's license says. I think what had happened was when my dad was born in Japan, they didn't record the birth date right away, they did it a month later. So all of his official paperwork has his birthday in August when it was really in July. ANYWAYS, I had decided to knit him some retro rib socks in Paton's Kroy Socks in Hickory, when Rob came home one day and said, "I like the color of that yarn!" and then he saw the pattern and said, "I really like that pattern!" So what's a girl to do? I started them for Rob, but it's going to take forever to finish them!

I think I'll knit my dad some simple ribbed socks.

Next is the Union Square Market Pullover.

I figured I should at least get started on it so I wouldn't fall too behind on the knitalong.

Another slow project on teeny tiny needles.

Finally is my Blissful Jacket, missing one sleeve, a collar, buttons and stripes.

I leave you with Maggie and Unki fighting over a present we got them from Portland.

It's a little bag filled with organic catnip. When we will ever learn? We need get two of everything for them or else chaos reigns!


Diana said...

The light and dark purple are going to look great for the Union Square pullover - I can see it already! Good luck with Orangina, you'll get the hang of it.

MinaG said...

You should just open shop! Love the hidden photo trick!

eastern white said...

wow, you are busy! the blissful jacket is going to be lovely. i've been thinking about making it too. but not just yet!

and the union square pullover. great colors!! i love your projects!

Donna said...

Love the blissful jacket! Beautiful color. You have lots of great projects in the works. Have Fun :)