Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Trip pics

Rob mainly took photos with his Treo, so the quality isn't as good as his regular camera. But the Treo is so much more convinient and quick to start up.

Knitting at the airport (I just started my project).

At Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Where we bought the Stitch-n-Pitch tickets!

At the game (Go Ichiro! He runs fast!)

Knitting at the game, wearing Hike.

Salmon going upstream at the fish ladder at the locks.

Do you recognize my project?

Rob with his beer and bratwurst at the Brewer's festival.

The Japanese Garden in Portland.

Well, there were Marionberry Pancakes on the plate.

Soaking our tired feet at the fountain at Jamison Square.

Kind of random photos, but I think they cover our trip pretty well.


MinaG said...

You two had too much fun!

Diana said...

Your current project looks like an Orangina!

Monica said...

That looks like a fun event! And your Orangina is looking very nice.

yumi said...

it looks like you guys had a good time

goodkarma said...

Yay! Fun trip! You look so cute in your Hike. So my question is this: where did you eat Marionberry pancakes? I want some! :)