Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Knitting updates and disappearing rambling

(Edited to add - Hey, this post did look way too much like last week's post. So here's a picture of Unki as a kitten to distinguish it - enjoy!)

I wrote an entry about an hour ago and it was a joy to behold - I talked about my movie watching, reading, eating tempura at my parents' house, my thoughts about blogging, etc, etc. But when I went to post it, Blogger ate it and said "Sorry! We're down for maintenance!" Blast! (That's my friend Huay's favorite curse word). So I'm just going to post a few progress pics of my knitting.

This is going to look a lot like my post from last week; in fact, some of you may just go away and think it IS last week's post.

Hey Orangina, how's it going?

Here's one completed panel. I finally got the hang of the pattern and finished it pretty quickly. I think switching to Addi Turbos helped too (I was knitting on Susan Bates because I was afraid they would take away my beloved Addis at the airport).

I finished one of Mama's socks.

What about Rob's Retro Rib socks?

You may be thinking, "That looks like the photo from last week". It IS the photo from last week! I haven't touched it at all. I promise never to re-use an in progress photo again.

I've been enjoying working on my Union Square Market Pullover

It's about 8 inches long now. I'm knitting it out of Rowan's Cashsoft, and I love the yarn. I'm addicted to it! But I had to put it down to finish...

My Blissful Jacket! Yay, it's done! But I haven't taken any photos of it on yet, we'll probably do it this weekend. Here's a detail shot.

I've just noticed that all of my current sweaters are in the pink/purple family. Blast!


amber said...

You're working on sweaters that I plan on making :) Of course I have a big list. I like your current color palette and the sweaters are looking awesome.

Looking forward to the full Blissful Jacket (on my to make list)Photos.

And the Union Market sweater looks great... but perhaps a bit too fine guage in st stitch for me to knit myself. :)


MinaG said...

Wow, did you have to stitch that white yarn separately into the jacket?! (Of course I'm not knitter...)

eastern white said...

oh i can't wait to see your blissful jacket. it's gonna be lovely from what i can tell. your kitty is soo adorable. i love the fur color.

yumi said...

lots of projects. by the way I love the socks. they're commfy.

Purly Whites said...

Everything looks fabulous! I can't wait to see that Debbie Bliss Jacket.

Monica said...

All of your projects look great! I can't wait to see your Union Square pullover.

winnie said...

reveal your jacket..reveal your jacket..

Becky said...

Very nice choice of projects!

Diana said...

ah, we all go through color phases, just go with it.. Nearly everything I knit is green, and I still contemplate more green yarn!