Sunday, June 26, 2005

One Kitty Pi is not enough

Now that I've knit a couple of things for Rob, it's only natural that I knit some things for Maggie and Unki. What's the perfect gift for the cat who has everything? A Kitty Pi Bed! I think I first saw this bed on Wendy's website, but I've seen so many others that I've lost track. I always meant to buy some Big Kureyon for the bed, but when I saw Patons Up Country on sale at elann (Crazy Aunt Purl used it for her bed and it looked nice), I immediately bought some with the kitty pi in mind.

This is a quick, quick knit. I finished it in a day. I even managed to read and knit! Someone, somewhere said if you can watch TV and knit, you can read and knit. It's true!

Prefelting pic -

(Rob's answer to my question, "What should I use for scale?" - "Put it on your head!")

The only problem with blocking the bed after felting was that we had nothing even remotely big enough to block it on. So it came out kind of funny. But when I laid it on the ground this morning, Unki immediately went for it.

Then he kind of laid on it.

When I went to go get Maggie, Unki had discovered how to sit in it!

But then we made the cardinal sin of removing Unki to let Maggie check it out.

The next scene (which I did not manage to get a picture of) was Unki trying to kick Maggie out of the bed. Sigh... So we decided to put Kitty Pi #1 away while I make Kitty Pi #2, which will be in the constrasting colors (blue with brown stripe). Will that work? Will harmony or discord reign in our household? Stay tuned! (My goal is to finish #2 by the end of the week.)


MinaG said...

What lucky cats!

Purly Whites said...

Adorable! I hope the second one solves the discord.

huay in LA said...

so cute! such a fluffy territorial environment for cat wars. i am inspired...need to get back to knitting.
my striped bag has me stumped.

d-made said...

Looks great! I want to make one for my kitty - but I'm worried she won't sit on it...

Melissa said...

Very cozy! I will have to make one for my cat! Then my dog will probably want one too!