Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kitty Pi Mania

As I promised in my earlier post, I made another Kitty Pi and felted and blocked it yesterday. I also ran Kitty Pi #1 through the wash one more time and did a better job of blocking it. Let's see if you can spot the differences:

This is Kitty Pi #1. It's 4 balls of Patons Up Country in Khaki and 1 ball in a light blue... Glacier blue? Anyways, the khaki felted up great, but you can still see some stitch definition in the blue. Isn't it nice and smooth? Doesn't it look happy?

Then we have Kitty Pi #2 after three times in the wash and a valiant attempt at blocking:

Argh! What is this thing??!!??? It looks like something the cat dragged in! (Sorry, couldn't resist!) Ok, I admit that I perked up Kitty Pi #1 for the first photo but I didn't do anything to #2. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember seeing or hearing that lighter colors don't felt as well as darker colors. But bless Maggie's heart, she doesn't care what it looks like.

Rob wanted me to point out the similar coloring between Kitty Pi #1 and Unki (he has a blue collar).

So, is two Kitty Pies the right number? Well, this morning whenever Maggie sat in either one, Unki tried to kick her out. So I guess Unki thinks they are both his. Sigh... I will take #2 to the laundromat this weekend to see if #2 can look more like #1.


Purly Whites said...

Oh, so cute! What happy kitties! Good luck getting #2 to felt properly.

winnie said...

heh heh heh..great kitty pi story. hope you can get unki to be less selfish.

MinaG said...

sweaters, teddy bears, cat beds... amazing the things you can knit, what's next? :)

Diana said...

aw, at least your cats don't care what it looks like! I hope the laundromat helps with felting Kitty Pi #2. I am getting inspired to make one of these for my cat...