Saturday, June 25, 2005

Flashback Concubines

Flashback Friday on Saturday again... Rob here.
I was checking our site yesterday from work, hoping to see a flashback post from Miss Mari, but alas no post. So I am giving it a go on Saturday.

Our friends, Su Kim, Huay and Sue Meng, have all moved in together and are having a little house warming, cheese and wine drinking party tonight. In honor I am dedicating this Flashback to them.

Four and a half years ago we took a trip to Joshua Tree and Pioneertown together, and the Four Concubines were created. At the time we wondered if we were quite the scene, 4 young and attractive women of Asian decent, and me, a white guy from Long Island. We decided that if asked we would simply say that that they were my four concubines. Completely politically incorrect, but for us at the time very funny.

Here are the girls imitating the back side of the U2 Joshua Tree Album, a must do when visiting Joshua Tree.

We had a utter blast on this trip, and although I don't get to see Su Kim, Sue Meng or Huay as much as I would like to, Mari and I will always be in touch with them, even more so now that they have moved within walking distance of our apartment.


MinaG said...

Thanks for the flashback Rob! Love the U2 pic!

huay in LA said...

i think this is totally hilarious.
we need to have a current photo - like, "where are they now" episode!