Friday, April 29, 2005

Knitting Krew at Mari's

My friend Huay has started a knitting group that meets every two or three weeks. I volunteered to have it my place last week. I haven't been able to go to most of the shindigs because they used to take place on Wednesday nights (I have class) but last week we had it on Thursday.

So Thursday morning came along and I literally cleaned, shopped and cooked from 8 am to 6 pm straight. Our place was looking, well, a little like a college dorm. And I don't cook. No, really, I don't cook. So I decided to make stuffed shells, which Rob assured me were really, really hard to f*ck up.

Unfortunately, after all of the housewife duties, I did end up too tired to knit much. And I had to keep track of Unki, because there were many toes and yarn balls for him to play with.

Here are some photos:

Susan, what are you doing on your back? And Sarah, is that a felted bag you're working on?

The disaster that was Sarita's yarn. But Susan helped her get it undone! Bravo! Sarita is going to name her bag after Susan.

Hi Jeanne! Hi Danelle! Jeanne was working on a lovely scarf and Danelle was making a self-designed felted bag.

Look! Huay, Sarah and Susan's mom are all working on their felted bags!

Maggie was hoping some kind soul would take pity on her and feed her. Maggie, you're on a diet!

All in all it was a fun night but I will wait for school to end before I host another knitting night. What? School is over in three weeks? Pass the vodka/cranberry, I'm getting wasted!


robtk said...

Super Kawai post h.b.
and Mari's stuffed shells were delicious.

laurie said...

I *love* love love all the pics!!!!! Ya'll look like you had a ball. And this knitting while laying down thing... that I have to give a try LOL.