Sunday, April 24, 2005

Farmer's Market, Modified Klaralund and Big Orange Objects

Rob and I love going to the Farmer's Market on Third and Fairfax for some yummy food. Although you have to traipse through the Grove to get there, it's a wonderful place to go on a weekend and eat and people watch. Because there are people more normal than you and there are definitely people stranger than you. And there are lots and lots of food stands to choose from.

This time only I got food. We went to Loteria Grill, my favorite place for a taco in LA. But, as I've had mexican food the last three days, I got... enfrijoladas. Which are just tortillas and chicken and black bean sauce, but, oh so good.

Loteria Grill's fancy-schmancy stand.

Black bean yummy goodness.

I also finished another sweater!

Pattern: Klaralund from Noro's Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Collection Book 2
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden in Color 34

I know, I know. Many people have knit this. I've been coveting it for a while. And I loved the color ever since I came across Maggi's Klaralund. But I didn't like two things about the sweater. One, the sleeve width was too big for me. Two, I knew the part where the sleeves hit the front would just go across my non-existent bust area and make me look more breastless than I am. So I made a few modifications:
- I knit the sweater with size 7 needles versus 8 because I was worried about how much it would stretch after blocking.
- I lengthened the front and back by 1 1/2 inches.
- I cast on 48 stitches instead of 60 stitches for the sleeves.
- I shortened the sleeves by 1/2 inch.

I am happy with the changes I made. However, the back looks totally different from how the original looks:

I don't have enough room to seam it up at all. But I figured I can seam up the back if it stretches out.

Look at my stripes! I didn't try too hard to make them match, my yarn happened to do that.

I did wear this sweater to Santa Barbara last week. But I wasn't happy with the photos because the sweater wasn't blocked yet. Rob says knitting is the best thing to happy for his photography, because I'm always asking him to take photos. Rob has taken over 15,000 photos with his digital Elph. Here's a sampling of the ones we took last week.

Just take the picture already!

I'm trying not to fall...

This is when I was born!

You may be wondering, what is that orange thing I'm standing in front of????

6 comments: said...

great pics! love your klara. great fit. wish i had sized down on the needles now too.

thayer said...

The sweater looks great! I think it looks better than the one from the pattern site :)

Diana said...

Cute! Your Klaralund looks lovely. The colorway is pretty, and the sizing perfect!

MinaG said...

mrs. busy, how do you have time to knit another? how pretty!

Felicia from sweetgeorgia said...

Awesome job on all your recent sweaters! I love the Klaralund, and the Rebecca cardi ... and Salina too!

Angela said...

Oh no! We're going to be Klaralund twins! I just finished my back piece last night. At least I knwo it will look good, because yours looks great! Let's just make sure that if we ever meet in real life, we're not both wearing our Klaralunds! =)