Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Anniversary in Santa Barbara

We celebrated our one-year anniversary this Sunday by going up to Santa Barbara for the day.

I could lie and say we went there for the beautiful scenery, architecture and ocean views, but, nope! we went for the food. We always make an excuse to go, but the highlight is always the Palace Grill. Yummy cajun food!

So our excuse this time was to go to the botanical gardens, which were lovely. The gardens are very natural, very beautiful. And not too crowded!

A view of the gardens and the mountains behind.

This was a sculpture called "Toad Hall" by Patrick Dougherty. The "house" was made of willow branches. I thought it was beautiful - and fun to walk through!

There were different sections to the garden - this was the redwood section.

We drove by the mission later - Rob called it the Alamo.

Afterwards, we ate lunch. The pictures really don't do any of the food justice, as the pictures made the food look strange. But it was very tasty!

Our appitizer - Cajun Crawfish Popcorn. Oops! We ate it all!

Rob's dish - Chicken Tchoupitolous.

My dish - Crawfish Pasta Lafitte (I like crawfish!)

For dessert, we had chocolate souffle, but we ate that way too fast.

It doesn't seem like we've been married a year. Time has gone by way too fast. But we have done lots in the past year. We were in DC, got married in Maryland, decided to move back to LA, drove cross country, we lived with Mina and Steve for a month, got an apartment, Rob got a job, I studied for my teaching credential tests, I started school, and here we are!

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MinaG said...

Yeah! Pictures of food! And it does look delicious, the chicken especially! Congratulations on your one year! Many more happy years!