Friday, May 06, 2005

Flashback Friday Take 1

I decided to start a new feature to our blog - Flashback Friday! (I can hear Duran Duran right now!) Rob has taken over 20,000 photos since I first bought him his camera over 4 years ago - you would think that I could find at least a few photos worht posting.

I've also decided to do this because we only have one camera between the two of us - and Rob usually needs it for work. And I'm lazy! And I only have 2 weeks of school left and I still have plenty to do!!!

Today's photo is of us at Halloween last year. Usually somebody has a party but we were too lazy (see a theme here?) to either organize one or find one. So our friends Chris and Sarita invited us to our friend Jared's place to hang out. We dressed for ourselves! I made Rob wear this outfit because I loved the way it looked like a dress on me but a tiny shirt on Rob.

I think the age range for these costumes was 7-9 female?? So we've saved them for our daughters (if we ever get around to that). I'd rather be ketchup than mustard, wouldn't you?


Jenifer said...

Wow -- those are really cute!!

MinaG said...

love it!!! Rob looks so jolly and Mari looks so... young!