Saturday, December 01, 2007

The christmas season has begun!

Like so many of you, I love Christmas. When I used to work at Disneyland back when I was a starving student, I loved working there during the holiday season because I couldn't help but get into the spirit of the season with all of the decorations. But I've never had my own tree and I've never put up my own decorations. I don't think we'll get a tree this year (I can't even IMAGINE how many way Unki will think up of to destroy it) but thanks to Amy Ruppel, I've decided to put up a few things.

Besides my window clings and garland, I made these poinsettia decorations I picked up from Michael's (with a 50% off coupon, woo hoo!) They are actually supposed to be the top of a gift box from the Martha Stewart line, but I like them hung up this way.

Rob and I also made these adorable clothespin Santa Lucia dolls that I bought from Posie Gets Cozy. They were SO fun to make!

I painted the hair and Rob painted the faces. I think he did a great job giving them little personalities. All they need are their candles and they are finished.

Continuing the handmade theme, I saw a post on Design Sponge for making some simple cardstock ornaments. Here are mine:

I hope some of you will do some Christmas crafting this week too!


MinaG said...

How lovely and classy your holiday decor is! And I love the Santa Lucia dolls you and Rob painted, what a great crafting team you two make!

JVC said...

Hi Mari,
I'm a former co-worker of Rob from Grimm+Parker in Bethesda. I saw those decorations on Design Sponge as well and just had to make some yesterday to get into the Christmas spirit! They are so easy and fun! Keep up your lovely posts, I really enjoy them.
Happy Holidays!

Kiva said...

Great decorations, I saw those paper ornaments as well and now I may actually have to try them and how sweet that the 2 of you can craft together. Enjoy this holiday season.

Anonymous said...

I love your ornaments*


yaiAnn said...

Oooooh, love those cardstock ornaments. Must bookmark that! Happy Holidays!

sweetgeorgia said...

So sweet!!