Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fixing projects and sleepy cats

All of my family's birthdays are in July except for mine, so it's a busy month. (Happy belated birthday Mama! Happy birthday today Mina!)

Mina requested a homemade gift, specifically a version of this purse I made a month ago. I made a little patchwork motif in the outer fabric, fused the outside and layer together, and then made a FATAL ERROR. I cut the notches for the bottom of the bag in the wrong place. I was left with two long pieces of fabric. I thought a little bit and made the following shoulder bag.

It's a long bag that I folded over to create the purse flap. I attached a button and a piece of suede for the enclosure.

The lining is Amy Butler fabric from this dress.

I wanted to make sure to have this Liberty fabric in the design, because I made a shirt that I gave to Mina in the same print.

I just winged the bag and luckily it turned out nice. Most lucky of all, Mina likes it.

I made another stuffed animal, this time a cat, which was surprisingly difficult because of the terry cloth I was using. I decided to not give it away as a gift (it's a little rough around the edges) and Rob said he wanted it.

He's named it "Splat" (although it's supposed to look like it's sleeping on its back).

Speaking of sleeping cats...

and cute paws...

One of the souvenirs I bought on our trip was a sashiko napkin kit from a woman at the Hida Folk Village in Takayama. I started it yesterday and it's very addicting. There are lines on the bag so you can follow the pattern.

I made the smaller motif first.

On a final note, do you ever watch a show and get excited by little things that relate to craft? I was watching Miss Marple on Mystery, and although they've gotten rid of the opening credits with the knitting graphics, they still managed to show one picture to make me happy.

And there was a scene of her knitting - I tried to take a picture of it but it didn't come out - boo!


yumi said...

Happy Birthday, Mama and Mina. What a cute bag. And I think Splat is very cute.

SJ said...

That stuffed cat is hilarious. I would totally expect to see it sliding down a window or a screen door.

MinaG said...

Thanks for the bag! I used it yesterday and it's so pretty and very practical as well, it's comfortable on the shoulder and once my things are in it, they stay put! Good job! :)

Mae said...

Aw! I think Splat turned out super cute!
And the bag is very cute as well!

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bkhdesign said...

like th connected star effect

got to you via cheekybeaks


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