Sunday, June 10, 2007

Day 19 - Tokyo reloaded

Our final morning in Mashiko was bittersweet, because we knew that the end of the trip was very near. The morning started out a little frantic, as we learned that the bus that we were supposed to take to Tokyo no longer left from Mashiko! But there was another stop about a half hour away that Kinta would drive us to.

We started out the morning with another delicious breakfast on Kinta’s table.

We also had a last visit from Miyuki, Hiyori, and Souichi.

We found the bus stop and crossed our fingers hoping that the bus actually left from there, otherwise we’d have to do our repeat of the short train, train, train, train journey to Mashiko.

The bus came and we waved goodbye to Kinta.

It was a little weird getting back to Tokyo, because we stayed at the same hotel as we did in the beginning. We decided to spend our last two nights in Tokyo, so we’d have a little time to do some shopping. It was also strange to be in Tokyo because we had spent so much time in the calm of Naoshima, Takayama, and Mashiko. Rob spotted a sign that even I had no idea of the meaning.

While waiting to check in, we decided to stop by Tokyo Midtown, a sprawling brand new shopping complex in Roppongi. They had helpful guides everywhere and even had tours going on. Art was everywhere and there were three museums in the vicinity.

There were some unique stores too, including a pet groomers, a cooking school, and the nicest 7-Eleven ever.

After checking into the hotel, we walked over to Ginza, using some pedestrian bridges over a busy intersection.

We had a fun time shopping until the skies became angry.

So we bought some bentos and called it a night. Rob said his bento was the best bento EVER!!

I was happy because I bought my favorite sweet, white anko monaka. Isn’t it pretty?

Next – the final entry – our last day in Tokyo, with cats and revolving sushi.


yumi said...

Those bentos looks so yummy!!! And what neat architecture and art.

MinaG said...

Wow, amazing that you posted on each day in Japan, I'm going to miss these new posts, fortunately I can always look back on them. The bentos look yummy, which one was Rob's, they all look fabulous! And the white anko looks like a work of art!

Pig wot flies said...

Wow, Japan is just full of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing your travels with us.

goosefairy said...

While I love all the pictures, the one I love most is the angry sky. I love storms. I so want to go to Japan now!

yaiAnn said...

Kinta's table! So sad to see this is almost the end of your journey.