Friday, June 08, 2007

Day 18 - Mashiko Part 2 - Inspiration abounds

We stopped by a café/gallery called Starnet for lunch. Another place that has fond memories because we had an amazing dinner here during Miyuki’s wedding. Most people had curry.

Huay and I bought more items at their store, then we walked to their new restaurant and gallery space up the road. Kinta had made the door handles for the new restaurant.

The two structures were remodeled from older buildings. They kept the original beams that really gave an amazing feel to the new buildings.

There was an art piece outdoor where visitors could etch their own art. I only made a happy face.

Hey! Is that another Kinta door I see?

We stopped by the town to visit another pottery store (yes, we bought more pottery) and an indigo textile maker.

Our last stop was a good friend of Kinta, Waka. We already knew Waka by sight because he was prominently featured in Miyuki and Kinta’s wedding video we had watched in Takayama. His workspace was meticulous and beautifully organized.

His dog was named “Abara” after the Japanese name for Ribsy, from the Henry and Ribsy books.

Like Kinta, Waka had recently designed and built his own house.

We returned back to Miyuki and Kinta’s house, where I asked Miyuki about her textile dyeing. She has a dyeing shed set up outside, and she does all natural dyes. Mainly she gathers plants from around her house, and she keeps notes and swatches on all of the dyes she has made.

I loved her workspace, with her sewing machine, serger and pin up space.

She has her dyed and undyed fabric beautifully organized.

We brought the computer to show them photos of the family who were unable to visit. Then we introduced them to Photo Booth on the Mac, and many wonderful photos were taken.

Our visit to Mashiko was a highlight of the trip. All of us were inspired by the creativity and close knit community we got to observe. Spending the time with family made it that much more special.

Next – our last leg in Japan. Shopping, anyone?


MinaG said...

Love the high beams of the gallery, of Waka's house, Miyuki's fabric area so organized... you'll have to do a posting of the goodies you bought!

yaiAnn said...

OMG! I want a house like that!

yumi said...

The photo booth pictures are so funny!!! See all the craftwork makes me want to make something.