Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A promised gift... only a year late

Rob asked me over a year ago to make him a bag. Last week, in my fever induced haze, I kept my promise.

NOTE TO SELF: do not sew while sick. Mistakes will happen.

Pattern: Amy Butler's High Street Messenger Bag
Fabric: Black Canvas, natural canvas (sewn onto the black fabric for stability) and Shirting material

From the outside, the bag looks nice. But on the inside, it's a different story. So different that I couldn't take a picture of it. While I was sewing the bag, I couldn't figure out why the lining wasn't sewing up right. AFTER I finished it, I realized that I didn't interface the lining. D'oh! Considering the fabric (which was a shirting fabric) is stretchy, interfacing was a must, which I kept reminding myself. So maybe I thought I did it? I have no idea.

The strap is like seatbelt material from REI. It makes a nice strong handle.

I think this is a very good pattern. The directions are clear, the details make it look very finished, and the bag feels very substantial. I did not do the hanging zipper bag or the zippered pocket in the front flap because I just felt it was too much small storage. So if you're looking for a good messenger bag pattern, I think this one will do the trick.

In other news, Rob and I are going to Japan in May! Very exciting. We're going for three weeks with my mom and our friend Huay. We'll be visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone, Naoshima and relatives in Takayama and Mashiko. Rob and Huay have never been to Japan, so it'll be fun to introduce them to both the country and family. I should have internet access in a couple of places, so I hope I can blog while there. What I'm looking forward to: eating, shopping, seeing beautiful gardens, spending time with wonderful people, shopping, relaxing, seeing new family members, shopping, and brushing up on my Japanese. Oh, and have I mentioned shopping?


yumi said...

I hope Rob takes his new bag to Japan. I think the bag looks wonderful. And don't forget omiyage!!!

yumi said...

Oh yeah, don't forget food pictures on the blog when you're in Japan, can't wait to see what you guys experience.

blossom said...

YEAH japan! i love the bag, now i want to get this pattern!

i'm soo excited about your trip, my brother and his wife visit japan every three months!!! so jealous. but i know you'll have a blast.

SJ said...

Yay for Japan! I can't wait to see what kind of Japanese craft books you come back with ...

Anonymous said...

love the messenger bag!

my fiance went to japan a couple of years ago, and the one thing he just couldn't get over (besides his new samurai sword and coordinating ninja wristband) was how amazingly polite and courteous everyone is over there i bet you're going to score all kinds of good fabric while you're there :)