Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pillows and Quilting Heritage

I have lots of images in this post, I'm sorry!

I plan to blog about the pictures I had in my last post, but I wanted to get to some pillows I made before my crazed cold.

I made a second pillow from the Kristen Doran fabric I ordered.

I thought the ribbon added a nice colorful touch.

I also used some Kokka fabric for a small pillow.

The next pillow was made from some beautiful linen my friend Sarita gave me. I didn't embroider anything on it at first, but then I got this book (which I love!):

and the birds in the back inspired me

to do some embroidery.

Rob drew the little bird for me.

Tweet tweet!

Some people manage to take the most beautiful photos of their furniture. Here's my messy photo, cats and exercise bike included.

My mom reminded me last week that she had illustrated several quilting books for a woman named Marjorie Puckett back in the 80's. She gave me a couple of them and I just had to share the drawings.

There are great instructions for hand-quilting.

(I always loved the way my mom draws hands.)

But my favorite drawings are the women.

If I could only look so cool and relaxed!

I did a search on Marjorie Puckett, and I found out she now has an alpaca farm and a yarn line! It's called Honey Lane Farms. I'll have to try to hunt some down soon. :)


goodkarma said...

The little birdie image is soooo Mari. Very cute on a pillow! And I love your mom's illustrations. I wish I could draw so well!

yumi said...

The birds turned out cute. I remember those illustrations of Mama's.

yaiAnn said...

So cute! I want new pillows and quilts and all that. Maybe a place of my own would be a good first start.