Monday, February 05, 2007

Pretty things to see and hear

I've been trying to post my shirt photos, but Rob and I have been playing "camera tag" - I've taken the photos but he keeps leaving his camera at work. I've decided to do a post with a few things I purchased, made, or experienced recently.

I love letterpressed items. There's something about the tactile feeling of paper and the indentations and the handmade-ness of it all that I just adore! I've bought a few things from port2port press and I missed out on her 2007 calendar, but I found this calendar through this guide to buying art.

This is from etsy seller ilee. Unfortunately, they're sold out, but it brings a smile to my face every time I see it on my desk.

These are some of my favorite months.

I also bought a piece of art from Amy Ruppel. Her items always sell out fast, so I commissioned one from her that was very similar to one she had sold earlier.

This is called "heartfelt". I highly recommend getting one commissioned - it took mere days and she was fantastic about asking about colors, likes, etc.

Before I gave my niece and nephew their dolls, I managed to get a family portrait on the mantle.

(The items next to Clara the cat are schmoo salt and pepper shakers - cute!)

Rob, my sister Mina, and I went to the Keane concert at the Wiltern a couple of weekends ago. What a great show! Rob managed to record a few songs on his camera here, here, and here.

Mina and I sang our little hearts out for most of the show - I love this picture because I'm sure the girl sitting behind us thought we were the biggest freaks!


yumi said...

Too bad the girl behind you guys put her head closer to the camera. That would've been funny. All of those pieces of "artwork" you have are really cool.

MinaG said...

tee hee, I was wondering who was sitting behind us, she looks relieved that we were sitting for that moment in time...
love all the photos!