Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday in the Park

I spent today in the park enjoying my new hobby Lawn Bowling. It is wonderful. I started about two months ago after my friend Ryan's Birthday Party (which was a surprise party held at the Lawn). Ryan started Lawn Bowling almost a year ago, as a way to relax (I think), and now I've joined him. Members range in age from teenagers to gentleman and ladies in their 80's.

For those of you unfamiliar with the sport like I was, Lawn Bowling or Bowls is a sport much like Bocce where the basic idea is to get your bowls closet to a target ball. For more info check one of the many sites dedicated to the subject.

Lawn Bowling in America
World Bowls
Santa Monica Lawn Bowling Club I am a paying member, I've got a name tag and everything.

I can't stress how relaxing I find bowls. I get to be competitive, which I enjoy, and at ease at the same time. Free lessons are offered every Sunday at 10am. Click on the link for the Santa Monica Lawn Bowling club above.

I find it incredibly fun and relaxing at the same time. Above are some photos from this weeks game and below some interesting videos I've found since starting to play.

The Lawn Bowling Incident, starring Dave Lambert who I bowled against today, and lost to as well. My friends Sasha and Ryan are also in the video, as are many of the club regulars. Art meets Bowls - a dangerous mix.

Borat Learns Bowls

Lazy Lawn Bowls (The Chronicles of Narnia parody, which is a parody in the first place???)

I am playing in my first tournament next week, wish me luck! Rob

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yumi said...

Good luck on your tournament, Rob. I'm glad you're enjoying Lawning Bowling.