Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mari's Birthday at Disneyland

We decided to spend Mari's Birthday at Disneyland this year, and was it worth it! A great way to get away from all the stresses of being an adult, everyone is a kid at Disneyland.

We started our day off, as all should, at (the fairly newly renovated) Space Mountain. I must say it did not disappoint. The ride is as great as it ever was, and the improvements are just that.

The park was very empty, as it was a weekday before Thanksgiving. I was told this was widely know by a Disney connoisseur and friend of ours, it was a very pleasant surprise for us!

We rode many rides twice, including Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster.

We had our new cmarea with us, and captured some of our favorite things, including Mari's favorite moment in a small world.

As it was Mari's B-day, we did splurge for lunch and ate at the Blue Bayou. Mari had the prime rib, while I had the infamous Monte Cristo sandwich. Oooooh heaven... (although I still think Bennigan's is the best)

The highlights continued as Mari's sisters, Yumi and Mina, with family, Steve, Anna and Sammie joined us for some evening fun, including another ride on Small World.

A great day had by all and finished off as all day's at Disney should be with fireworks, enjoy.


goodkarma said...

What a fun day! Happy birthday, Mari!

MinaG said...

Too cool Rob! Love the videos!

yumi said...

it was fun day. good videos.