Thursday, June 22, 2006

A mess o' stuff

First of all, thank you everyone for your super nice comments about my cabo tank top! It was definitely a rewarding project to make. I hope other people will sew it as well!

About my knitting, I've been pretty scattered lately. I can't focus on making anything big right now, but I do have a couple of WIPs, which I'll post tomorrow. I finished a bag a couple of weeks ago but didn't block it until yesterday.

Pattern - Habu Textiles Paper Silk Handbag Kit

I've been seeing the Habu kits on various websites but didn't buy one until I saw it at my LYS. Its made by knitting Shosenshi Paper and Tsugumi Silk together. The end result is a soft, almost tweed-like surface. The bag is a little small to be of much use, but it's cute and a quick knit.

It seems like summer has really hit us here in LA. We went to the beach for the first time last weekend...

(Very typical photo - I'm sleeping and Rob's reading the newspaper)

...where we also took a picture of our new car!

It's a Scion Xa, which we've named Chiku (which is short for "Chisai Kuruma" or small car in Japanese, continuing our tradition of naming pets and inanimate things using Japanese words, like Unki is short for "Unko Kitty", whose meaning you can see here.)

Speaking of Unki, he continues to sit in this crazy fashion, which I've discovered is quite common with cats.

And in one month, we'll be taking a (well-deserved for Rob) vacation to...

Kauai! I can't wait.

Just to add to the randomness of this post, there are a couple of websites that I frequent quite often that bring a smile to my face. The first is Cute Overload, which has just a mess o' pictures of all things cute. The second is Kittenwar, to which I have submitted a photo of Unki as a kitten. Enjoy!


Agnes said...

Kauai! I love that island! You'll have a good time there, I'm sure.

Angela said...

I have that Habu kit too, but have been procrastinating and a bit scattered as well. I'm still jealous you're going to Kauaii! You'll have so much fun!

Debby said...

Have a wonderful time in Kauai!

What a cute kitty!

Stephanie said...

Cute bag. Riley (my dog) lays like that too - Travis and I call it "frog dog". I'm still so jealous of your trip, but I'm sure you'll have a great time.

yumi said...

Have fun in Kauai. It's a well deserved vacation.

MinaG said...

Kauai! Yeah!
Love the bag, and love the beach scene. You can't even tell Rob's taking the photo.