Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Spring break!

Yippee! It's spring break!

Well, it's not much of a break for me. I have a few papers to write for school, and on top of that, I've caught a cold. I've just been sitting in front of the computer with my mouth open all day (can't breathe through my nose).

But I have managed to get something done that isn't related to school.

Yarn - Lana Grossa Mega Boots Stretch
Pattern - Basic Sock pattern, 48 stitches cast on, size 2 needles

These are probably the most "sock" socks I've made. They almost feel like regular socks. That's not bad, of course. And I enjoyed knitting with the yarn. I have plenty left for some short socks as well.

It hasn't been all work and no play - my mom and I went up to Santa Barbara last weekend. We had such a nice time and had some crab we've never had before - spider crab!

Isn't it purty???

Of course, I've been thinking about the latest sewalong project as well.

I have this pattern sitting somewhere around the apartment (which is an unholy mess right now). I plan to use this fabric.

It's some crazy kimono fabric I bought a while ago. It may not quite go with the pattern, but it'll be an interesting attempt. The funny thing about kimono fabric is that it comes in very narrow bolts.

I wanted to use Unki for scale but for once he didn't want to be in a photo.

And, on the yarn-buying front, I have to mention Yahaira's new venture - pureknits. Yes, just another place for me to buy yarn. It's a great looking website that easy to navigate. She's carrying some of Purly's yarn for those of you who haven't bought any yet.

Well, just one more week of student teaching left. Hooray! I still have college stuff left until end of May, but I'll have plenty of time for... knitting! Yay!


Purly Whites said...

Cute socks and cute fabric! It will be interesting to see how the bag comes out!

knit-n-purl zen said...

Nice job on the socks!

yahaira said...

omg Im in love with that fabric! can't wait to see how it comes out

aww thanks for the shout out!! and the order ;) now Im off to pack them all eep!

Angela said...

That's some crazy fabric (I thought somethign was wrong with your picture at first), but I love it!

MinaG said...

where did you get that fabric? love it!

yumi said...

the crab looks good