Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Knitting PSA

I'm usually one of the last ones to notice anything going on in Blogland, but I felt I had to add my two cents about a new yarn dyer on the scene.

One thing I love about the knit blogging world is all the connections you start to see in blogs. First, Grumperina blogged about some fabulous dyed yarn she got from a "mysterious" dyer who would start selling to the public very soon. Then Eunny got some lace weight from the same dyer. I admit, I was curious, but I was sure that the dyer was some unknown person that I had never heard of. But, in fact, as you all know, the dyer is Purly Whites (real name Sundara)! The person who introduced us to Arrested Development! You can buy her yarn at her website,, and I have to admit I've already placed a small order (yarn diet? what yarn diet?). Two skeins of her sock yarn - so fun!

I wish Sundara all the luck in the world... hopefully her business will thrive and grow with all of our support. (Steve Holt!)


Audrey said...

Steve Holt! This is the first time I've read your blog. If that was a reference to Arrested Development...that's the greatest show ever! I spent Sunday, ALL day on the couch watching Season 2 and knitting Cosmicplutos Cavern Cardi....ahhhhh.

Purly Whites said...


You are the sweetest! My inbox has exploded, but I saw your order and I'll get to it shortly.

Yesterday, I was a bit dehydrated and I thought, hmmm, I'd like some juice and immediately in my head I heard Lucille Bluth say "where is the juice! GET MY SON SOME JUICE." Heh.

yumi said...

What pretty yarn!!!

Stephanie said...

Isn't it just the greatest! Our little Purly's gonna be a huge hit.

Allena said...

beautiful yarn! drool drool!