Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm back!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. School has been getting in the way of my knitting (the nerve!) as I've said many times before. But wait! Are those finished socks I see?

Socks for Rob in Trekking XXL, Color 90

I finished these socks for Rob. Yippee! Strike up the band! He says they are comfy and the right size. The striping is just lovely on the socks.


I also started a pair of socks for myself.

This is a pair in the infamous Regia Jubilee in India. I remember seeing this yarn on Felicia's blog and I loved them. The yarn has been sitting in my stash just crying to be knit.

Tomorrow I will post my completed skirt for the sewalong. Huzzah!


yumi said...

the socks look nice. I can't wait to see your skirt. I just looked at Mina's.

Angela said...

Both socks look great! I can't wait to see your skirt. I need to get moving on mine!

MinaG said...

nice socks! I like both pairs!

goodkarma said...

Socks look great! I'm impressed that you have the time for this while student teaching. It's good for you to have something relaxing to do! :)

Agnes said...

I like the Trekking colourway! Nice socks!

Lynette said...

i like both your finished socks. i knitted my regias with 6" for the leg and had lots of yarn leftover.