Monday, January 30, 2006

Does anyone want to sew?

If you've been reading this blog in the past couple of months, you know that Rob gave me a beautiful sewing machine for my birthday. One of the things I really want to make is a skirt, but I've been afraid to start a garment of my own. YaiAnn and Stephanie invited me to host a sew-along with them, which began as an idea of just making a project with the three of us and then expanded to inviting all of our blogging buddies to join in.

The name of the blog is Sew? I Knit! It's geared towards knitters who might want to flex their sewing muscles in sewing some items. The first one is a skirt, and our target date to finish is March 20 - the first day of spring. After that, we'll have other items that we may want to do as a group.

So please check it out! I think it will be lots of fun.


robbie said...

please keep knitting. i will need a new pair of socks to where when I get back from snowboarding. miss you.


ladies (and gentlemen) please join this new sew-a-long. I would but I don't thing mari would let me touch her sewing machine. :)

MinaG said...

Can I join even if I'm not much of a knitter?

Diana said...

Great group idea! I think I'll stick to knitting for now (my sewing leaves much to be desired), but will be interested to see what you girls come up with!

Krawuggl said...

I came here from Whip up, and it is such a great idea to sew some things to wear it with our knittings. But I am an absolut beginner with sewing, so a skirt seems very difficulty to me.
Love the bags you are sewing and your knitting, especially the sweater from Interweave Knits Fall 2005 - it´s gorgeous!!!!
Best wishes,