Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tension Headaches

Here in Lalaland, we get some pretty nice weather. However, it sometimes gets dry and windy. Like right now. Most of my life it hasn't bothered me but I ran out of my preferred allergy medication and I am a non-stop tissue-using-snot-making machine. I also get migraines when the dry weather coincides with Aunt Flo's visit (does anyone even use that term anymore?). So for the past few days I've been hopped up on caffeine, acetometophin, aspirin, and Allegra. Which leads to... tension problems.

I finished a pair of socks that I started... back in the beginning of December. Sidenote: this is why I need a blog. I never take notes on any of my projects. I have come to depend on my blog for any mods or dates or anything related to projects I have made. Handy!

My first sock, in Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Meadow.
I couldn't remember what colorway this was, so I looked it up on my blog. Thank you blog!
Isn't the sock purty? The colors are pooling a bit but in a very even way. I was so happy with the sock, but it took me a month and a half to finish the second one. I'm not sure why; I think I just got caught up in other projects.

I knitted this in the past couple of days while I was drugged and incoherent. Now look at the pooling around the ankle of this sock. I ended up with a big reddish section and a big green section. I was so lazy in knitting this sock my tension got looser and looser. By the time I realized what had happened I was kitchenering up the toe. Not the best time to rip back and knit it again. It doesn't fit well and it falls down my leg when I wear it.

Ah, my sad pair of socks. What shall I do with you? But wait!!! *running to kitchen*

I use Rob's kitchen scale WAY more than he does.

The good sock weighs 33 grams.

I have 41 grams of yarn left. Woo hoo! I'll just knit another one!

Maybe not the smartest option, but one that suits me just fine.

On other topics, I really, really wanted to join sockapalooza this time. But I'm starting student teaching on Monday and I didn't want to get too caught up in too many extra projects. I'll be teaching 5th grade... yipes! I did kindgergaten last semester so it'll be a big adjustment.

Jemima has a back, front, and one sleeve seamed together. I just need to do one sleeve and the collar. I think I'll finish it by next week. I want to take photos of it unblocked and blocked, just for reference.

Rob is going snowboarding this weekend in Colorado with his sister's family. I will be at home alone. Which means I'll miss Rob and end up making something for him. Or I'll invite people over and we'll trash the apartment and leave a mess for him to clean up. Which do you think I'll do??


Angela said...

*chants* PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! If he's going snowboarding, you should have some fun too! So by party, you know I'm referring to a yarn party, right? =)

yumi said...

Party. I like the socks. I love my socks too. They're my favorite socks. So warm.

brooklyn tweed said...

that is a beautfil colorway on those socks!

if by trash the apartment you mean a weekend of unlimited knitting time.... than i say go for it!! heheh.. have a good weekend!

goodkarma said...

Of course you should invite people over and trash the place! But I have a feeling that you wouldn't leave the mess for Rob.

How did you like knitting with Bearfoot (the first time)? I have two skeins in lovely colors and I'm trying to decide which patterns to use for them.

Stephanie said...

I love the Mountain Colors colorway. I have some Bearfoot to use for some socks one of these days. Student teaching? 5th grade? Yipes. You're a brave woman. I rely on my blog for all knitting (and some non-knitting) things - it's the only place I write anything down. I do so love blogs.

MinaG said...

What a great way to use a scale... :)