Sunday, November 13, 2005

Life's a beach!

I can't believe that it's been two weeks since I've posted - it's been a busy two weeks for both of us. I thought I'd post gradually over the next few days to bring the blog up to speed.

Rob's been to Las Vegas twice for work the past two weeks, and we were in Palm Springs last weekend for work as well. Rob's work had an open house for a new pre-fab house line they've designed. Check it out! They have a "design your own pre-fab home" module under the "models and pricing" that's fun to play with. It was a fun weekend of seeing friends we used to work with (I used to work at the same place as well).

I also had a ton of stuff going on at school. I had many papers due, a lesson I taught to the kindergarteners that got observed by my supervisor (which went well! yay!), and an all around busy time.

But, of course, I had to get some knitting time in! I have three FO's but here's the first one.

It's hard to decide what pose to use!
Pattern - basic top down sock, 56 stitches cast-on, size 2 needles
Yarn - Beach sock yarn from The Sweet Shop

I love these socks! Not only how the stripes turned out, but the softness of the socks as well. They're nice and smooshy and super comfy. Someone asked me in one of my previous posts how I got the yarn to stripe. I did nothing - it's self striping! I also did my first slipt stich heel, and I like the way it fits. I highly recommend this yarn. It's not superwash, and it's merino, so I'm going to treat these socks with care. Coming up tomorrow - going to the movies and trekking socks.


grumperina said...

Socks look great! I think the colors of that self-striping yarn really worked well together, and the product is gorgeous! Enjoy these extra-special merino socks :).

eastern white said...

gorgeous colors!! love the self striping. i have a skein from felicia and will knit that pretty soon!!

caitlyn said...

Love the colors of the socks!!

Angela said...

woooohoooo! Lots of sock love going on everywhere! Love those Bruin colors! =)

eunny said...

Wow - those are *fabulous* I love the colors, and how narrow the stripes are. Beautiful yarn from Felicia, and gorgeous socks from you!

huay in LA said...


Su Kim and I are knitting a lot now. i finally finished the striped felt bag and I'm finishing my black stole!

Can't wait to see you next...


Purly Whites said...

Love the socks! Sounds like you've been having fun with all your busy-ness.

Did you hear the sad, sad news? Arrested Development got cancelled. So, so sad.

yumi said...

I like those socks!!!

thayer said...

I love these socks so much I bought the same yarn. I hope mine look half as good!