Sunday, October 30, 2005

Trekking goodness

I've been obsessed with finding the perfect sock yarn. I've liked every single sock yarn I've tried, but I'm always happy to try new ones. I ordered some Trekking yarn last week and I finished one sock yesterday. This is color 68. Yummy! I love the random striping, and the color is much more subtle in person. And comfy? SOOOO comfy. By they way, I'm sure you notice my magic looping ridges. If you're hesistant to try magic loop because of this, don't despair! They go away with washing.

The yarn is 4 ply, and each ply is a different color (well, sometimes they come together). It reminds me of handspun.

The one other yarn I've been wanting to try is Mountain Colors Bearfoot.

Aha! Look what came in the mail yesterday! I can't wait to try it out... after I finish my trekking socks, my beach socks, my lace leaf sweater... how many hours are in a day??


Angela said...

Lovely colors! I can't wait to knit up the Trekking in my stash!

Brooklyn Handspun said...

ohhh I'm going to have to go out and buy some trekking, that sock is great and colors are so nice!

Purly Whites said...

The trekking sock is gorgeous! I've been wanting to try that yarn, but I've been hesistant cause it feels kinda weird when it's in the ball. Itchy and sticky all at the same time.

Areli said...

Your sock looks like it will make your feet happy, very comfy looking. And the colors in your new yarn are so pretty.

huay in LA said...

this blog makes me happy.

eastern white said...

ooo, the bearfoot yarn is gorgeous. what sock pattern will you used for this yarn?

trekking sock yarn is so popular lately, they really do look great.