Friday, September 16, 2005

Hitting the wall... and bouncing back

Thank you for all the nice comments about River! I think it's a great beginning lace pattern for anybody who wants to try lace.

I've been more and more busy with school so I've been knitting less. I did finish one of my vesper socks.

Sorry for the weird perspective, it's so hard to take photos of socks!
I'm knitting these on 1 needles, 64 stitches. I really should have gone down to 60 stitches, as these are a little big, but they're still comforable. The yarn knits up so soft and, at this needle size, nice and sturdy. I misspoke on my last post when I said the yarn was lighter than I thought it would be. I did mean brighter, and I thought it would be toned down a bit more. But I still love them! I'm halfway done with the second sock, so hopefully I can post pics next week.

My current nemesis - Orangina.

I am so tired of this pattern. I can hardly get myself to knit it. Imagine me, in the apartment, looking up at the ceiling and yelling, "Orangina!!!". But I've come too far to frog it. I have a feeling lace and I don't mix well... so of course I started a new lace project.

This is Kiri in Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in moss. Guess what? I'm not happy with this project. I think the yarn is too fine for me and my stitches aren't as neat as the pattern requires. I know that I shouldn't be judging lace this early in the knitting, but it just doesn't look right to me. I'm hesitant to frog it right now... I'll wait a week or so and reassess.

So the above mentioned projects, two pairs of socks for Rob, and the wear everywhere pullover that I've barely started are sitting in my knitting bag unfinished. As a result, I felt discouraged about my knitting this morning. I usually always enjoy what I'm knitting, so having multiple projects that I just can't get going on is sort of depressing. I think that school and student teaching (I'm student teaching in a kindergarten class - they are too cute!) are taking too much of my brain power to knit more complicated or intricate projects. And I need something I feel like I'm actually making progress on. So I think I'm going to start a simple sweater, because I always have fun making sweaters, and a girl can never have too many, right? I have a few projects in mind, so I'll make up my mind and post about it soon!


amber said...

When work gets really hectic I make sure to have a really easy sweater or scarf to work on. Something that is relaxing.

Good luck with school and the kindergardeners :)

Your sock looks fun too. I like that type of self striping yarn.

Angela said...

Don't give up on Kiri! It usually takes a few repeats for the pattern to show it self to you, and then finally you'll have that "aaaah" moment. That's what happened to me when I knit birch, it just looked like a mess of stitches with some blob of yo's. Finally after the 4th repeat or so.. I saw it! Just do a few more repeats and see what emerges.. =)

MinaG said...

I tried this sweater on at Banana Republic yesterday, it was too cute

Jenifer said...

Nice projects! I made a Kiri this summer in Alpaca Cloud ... and it was painful. I started with Addi's, then swtiched to bamboos, and neither helped me. I finally bought some Inox needles, a first, and those helped, but the yarn was so slippery. I ended up binding off early and making it into a "shawlette". :) Good luck whatever you do!

Jenifer said...

But PS -- remember that the blocking will do wonders for what your stitches look like. I think your Kiri looks great!

goodkarma said...

I didn't know you're student teaching... that could be part of your knitting blahs. The first few weeks of school are so draining. I'm completely exhausted each night and would really like to knit but don't get much done. Too tired! Maybe, like someone else said, you need something a little more "brainless" for a bit.

jacqueline said...

stick with kiri. i made birch in the recommended kidsilk haze which looks a little bit finer and it came out beautifully. i also want to make kiri at some stage however i am planning a more substantial yarn just so that it will be very very different to birch.

i love that sock yarn!! must get .... must buy....

yumi said...

good luck with the knitting and school